Interactive Local Environment Plan Web Mapping

Strathfield Council

We combined our skills and expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Planning to work with staff at Strathfield Council to develop mapping for the forthcoming update to their Local Environmental Plan.

Strathfield Council required a means to provide the community with a way to view the proposed Local Environmental Plan. A web mapping based approach provided broad ranging and efficient access for the community and reduced the number of simple enquires regarding the status of land parcels that were coming in to planning staff.

We developed an interactive web map that allows visitors to the site to browse a variety of Local Environmental Plan-related layers and query the status of individual addresses using familiar search and point-and-click style actions.

We are able to develop web mapping based products for a range of spatial information. These can range from simple static maps and interactive mapping through to custom map server environments using open source or commercially-available tools that can provide lightweight GIS capabilities through the browser.