Antonia Scrase brings a holistic approach to mine closure to ELA

Wednesday, 20 December, 2017

Mine Closure

This year Eco Logical Australia (ELA) welcomed to the team Antonia Scrase as Principal Mine Closure Consultant. With fourteen years of geo-environmental and mine closure experience, Antonia has a broad knowledge of the technical aspects of mine closure, such as hydrogeology, geochemistry, mine waste management and landform evolution. Her experience in this area will be valuable in this developing area within ELA.  

‘We will be able offer our clients a turn-key solution, using ELA staff and external consultants, from beginning to end of mine closure planning, management and implementation, customised to the individual needs of each client and mine.’

Antonia Scrase

With the field of mine closure rapidly growing, stakeholders from around the country are seeking considered advice, Antonia is excited to be making an impact in this growing market. She hopes to approach mine closures in a holistic manner that implements scientific and engineering strategy and design from concept to execution.

‘In mining innovative solutions and mining methods are developed and implemented, changing mine plans with the potential to impact closure objectives. Mine closure planning and implementation needs to be  flexible, however with that flexibility needs to be an awareness that altering mining methods or designs can impact achieving mine closure and lease/ license relinquishment. Regular reviews and updates to mine closure planning must be undertaken to ensure that  cohesive, risk based, outcome focused closure can be achieved .’

Antonia’s background in site contamination, hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering and her experience managing abandoned mines in SA, has provided her with a strong understanding of mine closure technology and strategy. Prior to working at ELA, Antonia was the Principal Mine Closure Officer for Department of Premier and Cabinet, South Australia, and project managed the remediation design for Brukunga Mine in the Adelaide Hills. 

By creating specific teams utilising in-house and external partnerships with technical specialists Antonia hopes to place clients in a pro-active position to manage the challenges of changing futures.

‘I’m very excited to be building mine closure within ELA. There is scope to achieve favourable outcomes for mining companies, Government and the community.”  

Our mine closure services include the development of study scopes, risk based gap analysis, rehabilitation cost estimates and identification of residual liabilities. Whatever the stage of the project, from conceptual closure planning to post closure and application of lease relinquishment, Eco Logical Australia’s closure team will offer a wide range of technical capabilities such as monitoring and surveying, civil engineering, hydrology and ecology. For more information contact 1300 646 131.

Mine Closure