Archaeology & Heritage

We provide statutory heritage solutions and innovative environmental approaches to cultural heritage services.

We offer a range of practical and integrated Aboriginal cultural heritage and historical heritage services. We do this by building close, productive and collaborative relationships with our clients, Aboriginal community stakeholders and regulators.

Our team are specialists in the fields of Aboriginal heritage and historical heritage and have broad skills in heritage management. We have a working knowledge of approval processes under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NSW) and Heritage Act 1977 (NSW). Our team of archaeologists and heritage specialists expertly navigates heritage assessments and statutory approvals.

Our staff have worked on projects right around Australia and abroad, and maintain membership of professional associations to keep informed of best practice heritage management in Australia.

Our archaeology and heritage services include:

  • Archaeology survey and assessments
  • Heritage assessments
  • Due diligence and desktop assessments
  • Community consultation and facilitation
  • Aboriginal cultural heritage assessment reports
  • Historical archaeological assessment reports
  • Research designs
  • Permit applications
  • Archaeological test and salvage excavation
  • Heritage advice
  • Heritage management plans
  • Integrated natural and cultural heritage assessments
  • Market-based outcomes for Aboriginal communities
  • Policy and technical support for Aboriginal heritage, land and environmental planning
  • Cultural tourism assessments.

For enquiries, please contact our Archaeology and Heritage specialists at the details below.

  • Archaeology, Aboriginal cultural heritage & historical heritage - contact Principal Archaeologist and Heritage Lead, Karyn McLeod.
  • Community projects - contact Community and Country Lead, Heather Moorcroft.
  • Aboriginal Riverkeeper program - contact Project Manager Vanessa Cavanagh.