Brisbane introduces new Principal Ecologist Alan House

Wednesday, 28 March, 2018

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Our Brisbane team is excited to announce that Alan House has joined the team as Principal Ecologist. With extensive experience in ecological and conservation research, Alan brings with him a great breadth of knowledge spanning more than 40 years.

His academic journey has seen him undertaking exciting research including gibbon ecology in the Mentawai Islands, ancient woodland ecology,basking sharks in the UK, and completing a PhD on rainforest boundary dynamics in Far North Queensland.  

Alan has also worked in plant population genetics, acacias as human food, and plant essential oils for CSIRO Forestry, and the ecology of mixed farming landscapes and impacts of climate change on sclerophyll forests for CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems.

More recently Alan has worked on large CSG and mining approvals projects, protected plant surveys, weed surveys, climate change impacts in coastal environments, and wasp/aircraft interactions (you can ask him privately about that!) amongst many other things.

‘I'm pleased to be at ELA as it is an organisation that is highly respected in the industry. I'm also excited at the prospect of working with people from all over the country on some really interesting projects’

Ecological Australia is thrilled to have Alan on board, not only for what we will be able to deliver to clients but for the mentoring opportunity it presents to our graduates who are particularly always enthusiastic to learn and develop.

Alan House