Eco Logical Australia approved to deliver Basic Wildfire Awareness Training nationally

Tuesday, 20 November, 2018

Fire Ryan Smithers2

Eco Logical Australia (ELA) is pleased to gain approval from the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council to deliver the Basic Wildfire Awareness Course across Australia.  This course provides participants with the relevant knowledge to recognise the key risks should they encounter a bushfire or a planned burn, and precautions they need to take to avoid risks and respond safely.

Each year in Australia more than 50 million hectares are burnt by wildfires, covering an area about the same size of Spain.  Fires present a significant risk to life, property, environment, business continuity, local communities and infrastructure.  For people living, working and providing services in bushfire prone environments, improving their basic wildfire awareness enhances their resilience to such events.

Fire Susan Courtney2

The Basic Wildfire Awareness Course is designed for non-fire fighting personnel working in support roles to bushfires or planned burns, as well as people who may encounter a fire in their day to day activities or employment, particularly those working or conducting activities in vegetated bushfire prone environments.

Support roles at bushfires and prescribed burns include media liaison personnel, wildlife carers, non-fire emergency agencies (police, ambulance, SES and first aid), utility, tourism and services employees, local government officers, and machine operators.  The Basic Wildfire Awareness Course is recognised by Australian fire and land management agencies as the minimum requirement to provide these support services during a bushfire or planned burn.

ELA, as a Registered Training Organisation, is able deliver accredited courses, tailored to suit your needs and environment, across Australia.  Please feel free to contact the company for further information.

Images: Ryan Smithers and Susan Courtney