ELA joins the 2017 National Flying-fox Forum

Monday, 23 October, 2017


Eco Logical Australia is delighted to announce a sponsorship partnership with the 2017 National Flying-fox Forum. The National Flying-fox Forum, held in association with the Local Government Flying-fox Forum, invites government agencies, land managers, community and conservation groups, primary producers, educators and researchers to explore the issues of flying-fox management and conservation.

Now in its second year running, the forum will endeavor to implement the principles of the National Flying-fox Strategic Vision developed at the inaugural 2016 forum.  The program will involve workshops, formal presentations and networking opportunities.

Eco Logical Australia offers a team of flying-fox experts with extensive experience. We work closely with our clients and their communities to address the challenges that are associated with flying-foxes in urban environments.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to share our knowledge with the forum.

Our Flying-fox services include:

  • Camp management plans for single camps or multiple camps
  • Commonwealth Referrals for management actions in Grey-headed Flying-fox and Spectacled Flying-fox camps
  • Experienced ecologists with Lyssavirus vaccinations and wildlife handling accreditation in jurisdictions across Australia
  • Vegetation management plans and implementation by experienced and accredited bush regenerators and restoration ecologists
  • Impact assessment and approval applications for development or activities in or near camps
  • Health and pregnancy assessments, including reproductive success surveys
  • Community education, engagement and consultation
  • OEH endorsed Grey-headed Flying-fox experts
  • Dispersal planning and implementation
  • Offset planning and implementation
  • Population assessments through static and fly-out counts
  • Preclearance survey plans and implementation
  • Species habitat modelling
  • Forage tree planting guidelines
  • Level 5 arborist advice for tree pruning and removal
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting

Image Credit - Steve Dimitriadis