Lake Macquarie City Council release a new guide to native orchids

Friday, 28 September, 2018

Orchids In Lake Macquarie

As part of the Lake Macquarie Regional Sustainability Planning Project, Eco Logical Australia (ELA) was enlisted by Lake Macquarie City Council to review existing information and conduct additional field surveys for terrestrial orchids across the City.

The team from ELA reviewed relevant literature and conducted targeted field surveys of known and preferred habitats to record the distribution of orchids within the City. The research confirmed 81 native orchid species, with 11 species regarded as significant.

Lake Macquarie City Council has since released a ‘Guide to Native Orchids in Lake Macquarie City’, which details some of the findings from the research conducted by ELA. The Guide includes five of the identified significant orchid species as well as 38 other orchid species.

Featured in the guide are beautiful pictures by our very own Lachlan Copeland and Martin Sullivan. Both keen lovers of orchids! 

The Guide also includes a call to action for people who spot significant species growing in their neighbourhood to photograph the specimen, note its location and share the information with Council. This will help ensure the plants are identified and, where possible, conserved.

To view the guide click HERE