Melbourne Welcomes Principal Archaeologist Dr Michael Green

Monday, 12 March, 2018


Dr Michael Green has joined the Eco Logical Australia family as Principal Archaeologist in ELA’s newly established Melbourne office.  Mike comes to the team with a keen interest in the biological origins of Australia’s first peoples. ‘When I was little I wanted to be a palaeontologist (what 7-year-old kid doesn’t like dinosaurs?) but later I realised that the evolution of our own species is just as fascinating, and that our region has much to offer in that respect’.

With over 30 years of professional and academic experience in archaeology, biological anthropology and Indigenous cultural heritage management, Mike will lead the development of ELA’s heritage business in Victoria. He will also deliver heritage management services nationally and internationally in partnership with ELA's regional offices and Coffey.  

Holding extensive experience across Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, Dr Green is a nationally recognised expert in the field investigation, laboratory analysis, curation and repatriation of Indigenous ancestral remains. Over the last seven years he has directed more than 50 archaeological and cultural heritage management projects, synthesising the results of meticulous desktop and archival research with complex data resulting from fieldwork.

Mike is passionate about Indigenous issues and regularly engages with Victoria’s Aboriginal communities, as well as the PNG National Museum and Art Gallery and the Social Research Institute in PNG. He has also provided expert advice to Museum Victoria, Aboriginal Victoria and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery regarding the curation and repatriation of artefact collections and collections of Aboriginal ancestral remains.

‘I am very excited to join ELA because I have been looking for an opportunity to develop a strong cultural heritage consultancy service from the ground up, while at the same time working closely within the ecological sphere to provide a truly holistic environmental management experience for our clients’.