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We provide real solutions to real world challenges by helping our clients navigate their way through complexity. And by working side-by-side with our clients, we achieve the greatest positive outcome on every one of our projects. For us, that’s the big picture.

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  • Meet the Experts – Jeremy Mitchell 

    In this Meet the Experts, we dive into the fascinating world of environmental impact assessment with approachable expert Jeremy Mitchell. Jeremy conducts rigorous evaluations of development proposals to ensure compliance with environmental legislation while managing our office in Perth, WA. From his deep-rooted environmental consciousness to his surprising double life as an actor, there's much to uncover about Jeremy’s journey and passion for making a difference!

  • Meet the Experts – Eva Cronin 

    Meet Eva Cronin, a passionate advocate for community safety. Her journey into the realm of bushfire safety began unexpectedly during a cross-country caravan adventure in Australia, where she witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of wildfires. Inspired by this experience, Eva and her husband decided to settle in Western Australia's Southwest, where bushfire risk became a central concern. Motivated by a blend of personal experience, scientific curiosity, and a commitment to community safety, Eva embarked on a career as a bushfire consultant, channeling her passion into improving land use decisions and enhancing community resilience against bushfires.

  • Meet the Experts – Anne Gibson 

    Meet Anne Gibson, whose passion for hydrogeology and environmental challenges is the driving force behind her work. As a marathon swimmer and co-author of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, Anne is a water rockstar who loves to make the complex simple.