Our Vision and Values

Leading with science, to inform critical environmental decisions, and deliver positive solutions.

Our values are at the heart of what we do:

Listen first

  • We listen to our clients and our teams to understand the context and implications before we make recommendations
  • We provide a balanced view to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients and the environment
  • We provide practical and ethical recommendations to make a positive impact for every project.

Share your genius

  • We strive to empower clients to effect real change
  • We work side by side with clients
  • We aim to be approachable, to help navigate complexity, and to provide clarity and understanding
  • We bring together diverse technical disciplines
  • We know that each and every one of our staff is a collaborative and valuable part of the team.

Be courageous

  • We try new things and innovate in solving problems
  • We take the initiative and ‘step up to the plate’
  • We try more, trust more, and tell more
  • We ask questions, provide constructive feedback, and speak up
  • We dare to dream.

Feed the culture

  • We work as a team, promoting connections among staff
  • We support people to be all they can be in their role
  • We support people to follow their passion professionally and personally
  • We promote networking within the industry of our client sectors and our technical disciplines
  • We know that the delivery of quality products and services supports all of us.