Meet the Experts – Anne Gibson

Friday, 19 January, 2024

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1. How do you explain what you do for work at parties?  

I’m a water rockstar (boom-tish)!  

2. Why did you choose to work in the environmental space?  

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about the environment and always knew I wanted to work in this space. My Dad is a geologist, so when I enrolled in environmental science at university and had a subject that included some geology I realised it was what I really wanted to do (despite being adamant I wasn’t going to follow in Dad’s footsteps). I ended up completing a blended degree with honours in hydrogeology – a perfect mix between geology and environment. I’m still known as “Gibbo’s daughter” to many in the field.  

3. What do you love most about what you do?  

Knowing that I make a difference – whether that be outcomes on the ground, bringing the best available science and minds to a problem, or supporting my team to be their best and provide the best possible outcome for our clients. 


Anne part way through her marathon swim (in the water not on the kayak!)

4. What achievement are you most proud of?  

There are many to choose from – but professionally, being one of a very small team who ‘wrote’ the groundwater component of the original Murray-Darling Basin Plan was an incredible achievement and experience.  

5. How do you make a difference in your role with Eco Logical Australia? 

My role largely involves bringing people together to achieve great things, for our clients and the environment. I’m also passionate about supporting our people – to be the best they can be, to provide them with opportunities for growth, to work on interesting projects, and essentially to be happy and fulfilled in their roles.   

6. To share your genius, what’s your one top tip for clients working on groundwater projects? 

Groundwater is never just about groundwater – it can be linked to almost everything else that you will encounter on a project. Think holistically and never think about groundwater in a silo.  


In the field testing a water body as part of a Great Artesian Basin Springs research program in far north Queensland.

7. What do you love about science? 

There’s always something interesting to learn, problems to solve, and there are so many brilliant and inspiring minds to work with and learn from.  

8. What's the most interesting project you've ever worked on? 

I’ve been lucky to work on many interesting projects; the Broken Hill Managed Aquifer Recharge project was a particularly interesting one – investigating the possibility of injecting surface water from Menindee lakes into aquifers to reduce losses from evaporation and provide a more reliable water source for Broken Hill.  

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Logging core on a sonic drill rig as part of the Broken Hill Managed Aquifer Recharge project.

9. An interesting or fun fact your team or your clients might not know about you? 

I’ve recently become a marathon swimmer, swimming a 10km event in late 2023. This is not the end of my marathon swimming endeavours though – watch this space!

10. What do you nerd out over?

Amazing facts about our natural world – particularly geological features and planetary evolution – its mind blowing!   

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Underground checking out the Toowoomba Main Range Volcanic basalt aquifer from the inside

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