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Thursday, 14 March, 2024

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Meet Eva Cronin, a passionate advocate for community safety. Her journey into the realm of bushfire safety began unexpectedly during a cross-country caravan adventure in Australia, where she witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of wildfires. Inspired by this experience, Eva and her husband decided to settle in Western Australia's Southwest, where bushfire risk became a central concern. Motivated by a blend of personal experience, scientific curiosity, and a commitment to community safety, Eva embarked on a career as a bushfire consultant, channeling her passion into improving land use decisions and enhancing community resilience against bushfires.

1. How do you explain what you do for work at parties? 

I help to improve community safety with respect to bushfires, primarily through being involved in assessing bushfire risk and developing bushfire risk management strategies during the planning process, which helps to inform land use decisions in bushfire prone areas.  


2. Why did you choose to work in the bushfire space? 

In 2016, while embarking on an adventure travelling around Australia in a caravan with my husband and our Border Collie, we found ourselves unexpectedly pausing our journey in NSW due to bushfires resulting in road closures. Upon our return journey to Perth, we decided that it was time for a tree change and to embrace a new chapter of life in the Southwest region of WA.  As we searched for various properties to establish as our new home, the threat of bushfire risk was an important consideration for us. Simultaneously, an opportunity for me to work in the bushfire space came up—which resonated given our recent experiences. And so, through a blend of circumstance, interest and passion, I embarked on a career as a bushfire consultant.


3. What do you love most about what you do? 

It involves science, a realm that has always fascinated and inspired me. In addition, knowing that what I do contributes to strengthening community safety adds a sense of fulfilment to my work.

Outside of my professional commitments, I volunteer with my local bushfire brigade, which provides me with the opportunity to gain valuable insights through hands-on experience on the fire ground that I feel further enhances my understanding of bushfire behaviour and emergency planning/response.


4. What achievement are you most proud of? 

In a personal sense, the extent to which my husband and I have embraced life in the southwest since making the big move from the city, particularly to life on the farm which has presented many challenges over the years as we had no farming experience prior. 

In a professional sense, I’m proud of what I’ve managed to achieve in terms of where I’m at in my career as a bushfire consultant, since pursuing a career change in my early 30s.

5. How do you make a difference in your role with ELA?

Specialising in my field, I help ELA clients navigate through the complexities associated with planning approvals in WA, with respect to addressing bushfire risk. An important part of the role is communicating complex issues in a way the client can understand.

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                                                   Eva with her telescope at Sandy Bay Beach in Exmouth

6. To share your genius, what’s your one top tip for clients working on bushfire projects?

Due diligence is vital when evaluating development opportunities on land parcels. It is crucial to thoroughly understand the potential bushfire planning constraints to assist with making informed decisions with respect to the proposed development.

7. What do you love about science?

I’ve always loved science from my childhood years. It’s fascinating to me and I love learning and absorbing information. Science is what helps us to evolve, learn and improve.

8. What's the most interesting project you've ever worked on?

I find most projects I work on interesting in their own right. Each bushfire project (whether large or small), more often than not, presents a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Continual involvement in these diverse projects provides the opportunity for ongoing professional growth in a discipline where scientific understanding, legislation and policy continue to evolve. Commitment to staying abreast of emerging science and best practice standards makes the project work interesting.

9. An interesting or fun fact your team or your clients might not know about you?

I used to compete in BMX state championships in Western Australia in my younger years. I was second in the state at one point (I still have the trophy packed away somewhere to prove it).

10. What do you nerd out over?

I have a strong interest in astronomy which began many years ago when I gifted my partner a voucher for a stargazing session at a local observatory. Hearing the volunteer explain the vast distances between stars and our solar system sparked a strong sense of curiosity within me. From that moment on,

I have become a very keen star gazer/astrophotographer and I love the challenge of photographing deep sky objects such as nebula and star clusters that are billions of years old. A night under the stars with my telescope and camera gear out on the farm is one of my favourite things to do in life. I was also very lucky to have the opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse from Exmouth last year (I will admit though I did book and start planning the trip six years in advance).The next one in Australia is in 2028 in case you are interested

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