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  • Meet the Experts - Jemima Kenworthy

    Friday, 19 July, 2024

    In this latest Meet the Experts, we explore the journey of Jemima Kenworthy, who turned her passion for geography into a thriving career as one of our Environmental Approvals consultants. Discover how Jemima leverages her impressive project management abilities, tree-tastic skills, and deep-rooted interests to make a positive impact on our clients and the environment.

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  • Meet the Experts – Jeremy Mitchell

    Thursday, 9 May, 2024

    In this Meet the Experts, we dive into the fascinating world of environmental impact assessment with approachable expert Jeremy Mitchell. Jeremy conducts rigorous evaluations of development proposals to ensure compliance with environmental legislation while managing our office in Perth, WA. From his deep-rooted environmental consciousness to his surprising double life as an actor, there's much to uncover about Jeremy’s journey and passion for making a difference!

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  • Meet the Experts – Eva Cronin

    Thursday, 14 March, 2024

    Meet Eva Cronin, a passionate advocate for community safety. Her journey into the realm of bushfire safety began unexpectedly during a cross-country caravan adventure in Australia, where she witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of wildfires. Inspired by this experience, Eva and her husband decided to settle in Western Australia's Southwest, where bushfire risk became a central concern. Motivated by a blend of personal experience, scientific curiosity, and a commitment to community safety, Eva embarked on a career as a bushfire consultant, channeling her passion into improving land use decisions and enhancing community resilience against bushfires.

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  • Anne Gibson

    Meet the Experts – Anne Gibson

    Monday, 22 January, 2024

    Meet Anne Gibson, whose passion for hydrogeology and environmental challenges is the driving force behind her work. As a marathon swimmer and co-author of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, Anne is a water rockstar who loves to make the complex simple.

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  • Jm1

    Find Your People - Jessie McCudden

    Tuesday, 21 November, 2023

    Jessie McCudden is our Ecology Team Lead from Brisbane. Get to know Jessie and her passion for sunsets, the environment, and people, and why the culture in the Brisbane office has a reputation for being noisy. Hint, it involves animal mating noises.

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  • Ecological restoration: sometimes it’s better to not plant a tree. A call to recognise and restore Australia's Native Grasslands and Grassy Woodlands.

    Tuesday, 24 October, 2023

    We know the story, with European colonisation Australia’s ecosystems have been subject to loss from land clearing or degradation due to overgrazing, introduction of pests and weeds, and changes in fire regimes. Across the country, restoration efforts are undertaken to make amends and to replenish the environment. The question is are we going about this the right way, and correctly considering the original state of the environment prior to its transformation? We think no, not often enough.

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  • Cover Image

    The Implications of the TNFD Recommendations

    Thursday, 28 September, 2023

    The Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) has recently published its disclosure and reporting recommendations, and the implications are game changing. “Nature is now a strategic management issue.”

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  • Dscn0715

    Meet the experts –Andrew Walsh

    Thursday, 16 February, 2023

    We recently sat down with Andrew Walsh, Principal NRM Consultant and Regional Manager of SA/VIC at ELA for our latest Meet the experts article in our series.

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