Natural Resource Management

​We have expertise in the management and assessment of land, soil, water and biodiversity and the delivery of landscape-scale data and solutions.

We’ve been providing natural resource management services to a range of clients for years, working with business, government, land owners and the community to better understand and manage natural resources.

Our Natural Resource Management (NRM) consultants' broad range of expertise allows us to deliver landscape-scale environment assessment, advice, management and planning to our clients.

Our NRM services include:

  • Biodiversity Strategies
  • Integrated Catchment Management (ICM)
  • Landscape-scale assessment
  • Plans of management
  • Community consultation
  • Restoration ecology
  • Riparian and water management
  • Vegetation condition mapping
  • Water management
  • Environmental flows.

For enquiries, please contact one of our NRM specialists at the details below.