Groundwater & Surface Water

We have a highly qualified team of groundwater and surface water scientists, fluvial geomorphologists, aquatic ecologists and water managers.

We have a strong groundwater and surface water capability and provide a complete range of services to industry, government and water authorities.

Our team tackles diverse and complex problems relating to groundwater and surface water impact assessment and planning, aquifer-surface water interactions and water contamination. We have successfully conducted projects in all states and territories of Australia, with considerable experience in the Murray-Darling Basin and northern Australia, and provide technically sound, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to a wide range of groundwater and surface water challenges.

We specialise in providing strategic and ‘whole of catchment’ advice, which integrates environmental water requirements and water quantity and quality issues within the framework of strategic and policy regulations that guide water resource management.

Our team is supported by a range of operational services (such as experienced spatial analysts), staff working in related technical disciplines, and strategic links with research and development organisations.

We provide a comprehensive suite of groundwater and surface water services, including:

  • Groundwater impact assessment
  • Peer review of groundwater models and groundwater assessments
  • Groundwater quality assessments and sampling
  • Geochemical and isotope modelling and analysis
  • Water quality analysis
  • Water pollution controls and management
  • Bore field planning, design, commissioning and assessment
  • Aquifer interference assessments
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Groundwater dependent ecosystem (GDE) assessments (Click here)
  • Drilling supervision and aquifer testing, including core logging and bore and pump tests
  • Dewatering and depressurisation for mines and deep excavations
  • Water resource planning
  • Hydrogeological conceptualisation
  • Regulatory approvals for groundwater development
  • Hydrogeophysical surveys and investigations
  • Assessment of groundwater-surface water interactions
  • Determination of environmental flow requirements and water sharing
  • Floodplain, wetland, lake and riparian condition assessment, mapping, management advice and reporting
  • One dimensional (1D) and two dimensional (2D) hydrologic modelling
  • Waterway planning and rehabilitation
  • Strategic planning for waterways and catchments
  • Catchment action plans and rehabilitation strategies
  • Operational water delivery plans for environmental flows.

For enquiries, please contact our Groundwater and Surface Water specialists at the details below.

  • ACT, Vic, NSW & Qld - contact Principal Hydrogeologist & Water Lead, Dr Richard Cresswell
  • WA, NT, & SA - contact Principal Hydrogeologist, Garry Straughton