Archaeological Excavation Leppington House


In 1821 William Cordeaux was granted 700 acres which he named Leppington. His house and associated farm outbuildings, constructed with convict labour, were occupied for over 130 years as residence while the original land grant remained intact for almost 200 years. Stockland are in the process of incorporating the Leppington House Archaeological Site into a heritage park, with the archaeological remains and park setting as a focal point for recreation activities for the community. Eco Logical Australia provided Stockland with all heritage and archaeological compliance for this project including:

Leppington House Archaeology

  • A Conservation Management Plan for Leppington House Archaeological Site
  • An Interpretation Plan for Leppington House Park
  • A historical archaeological assessment, research design and Section 140 excavation permit application to OEH for archaeological investigation
  • Archaeological excavation - testing and monitoring program
  • An excavation report and artefact analysis are in preparation