Prioritisation of Invasive Species in the Namoi Catchment

Namoi Catchment Management Authority

We were commissioned by Namoi Catchment Management Authority (Namoi CMA) to identify and prioritise highly invasive plants and animals not currently known within the Namoi Catchment and to map key emerging and invasive plants, animals and Endangered Ecological Communities (EECs) and threatened species within the catchment where widespread invasives were the critical threat.

The project was guided by an Invasive Species Reference Group and prioritisations of established species incorporated threats to catchment values and their feasibility of control.

The final prioritisation identified 48 exclusion species, 20 key emerging and 21 widespread invasive plants. Key emerging invasive plants were mapped at a workshop using a 5 km x 5 km fishnet grid.

Two priority lists were developed for invasive animals in the Namoi Catchment: animals for exclusion and established invasive animals. The list for exclusion consisted of 10 invasive animals: four insects, three fish, one amphibian and one reptile. The list of established invasive animals included 17 species.

A compendium of maps was provided as a decision support tool which takes a landscape, impact-based approach to invasive animal management. This included NSW Department of Primary Industry pest maps and maps of threatened species and EECs known to be at threat from invasive animals.

The project will be used to help guide investment in invasive species projects across the Namoi Catchment.