Three Capes Track Fire Management Strategy and Emergency Response Plan

Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service

We developed a Fire Management Strategy and Emergency Response Plan for the proposed Three Capes Track, an iconic 68 km overnight walking track in south-east Tasmania.

The track itself and a number of proposed overnight huts were located within bushfire-prone vegetation in a relatively remote landscape. Our reports focussed on the risk to track users and hut infrastructure, the design of infrastructure and use patterns, along with the evacuation and emergency response required to reduce these risks.

In order to assess the risk and develop an indicative evacuation priority along the length of the track, we developed an innovative risk assessment methodology in consultation with stakeholders. This method focussed on analysing head fire intensity, head fire rate of spread and track walking times to a “Nearby Safer Place” (Hut) . This assessment occurred through detailed investigation of segments of the track which were identified as having similar fire behaviour attributes.

The risk assessment was a key input into the Fire Management Strategy and Emergency Response Plan and specific management strategies were designed in response to the detailed analysis and ranking of segments of the track.