Saltmarsh Patch Mapping around Tuggerah Lakes Foreshore

Wyong Shire Council

To assist Wyong Shire Council implement the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Management Plan,we were engaged to accurately map the boundaries of saltmarsh patches around the foreshore of Tuggerah Lakes.

A total of 109 saltmarsh patches were mapped to sub-30 cm accuracy. The condition of each patch was recorded, including species diversity, weed infestation and the size and location of mowed areas within the patch.

The study recommended a monitoring plan for saltmarsh extent and condition using a combination of field observations and remote sensing techniques. Long-term monitoring will enable Wyong Shire Council to measure the efficacy of the implementation of saltmarsh management programs.

The saltmarsh mapping was delivered both in a GIS format and as an interactive, user-friendly database. The database was developed using web-page building software to breakdown the amount of data on saltmarshes into a series of theme pages. The combined output seamlessly presented the maps, reports and photos for each saltmarsh patch. The database and mapping products included:

  • A GIS layer of saltmarshes (as a geodatabase)
  • A database of field survey results
  • A report and digital photos for each saltmarsh patch
  • The ability to integrate future data.

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