Heritage Compliance for Willowdale Estate


Eco Logical Australia has been involved in all aspects of heritage compliance for the Willowdale Estate development site for Stockland since 2016. This project comprised complex multi-stage residential development, retirement living and open spaces in association with the Denham Court Road bridge duplication. Eco Logical Australia provided approved built heritage, archaeological and Aboriginal heritage compliance for the project which included:


  • An interpretation Plan for Denham Court Road Bridge
  • The preparation of four statements of Heritage Impact for various stages of the Willowdale Estate development
  • A Section 60 permit application to OEH for works associated with Denham Court Road bridge and the State heritage listed Upper Canal
  • An Aboriginal Due Diligence Assessment for Willowdale Estate
  • An Aboriginal Plan of Management for Willowdale Estate
  • An Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment (ACHA) and Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (AHIP)
  • Heritage management policy and induction protocol for all site workers
  • Ongoing monitoring, excavation and heritage advice